About us


Deniz Mahir Kartal was born in Istanbul in 1987. He studied Turkish folk dance at the Istanbul Technical University from 2005 to 2011. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Apart from dance, his passion above all is for music. Mahir plays the duduk, kaval and other traditional instruments, as well as saxophone and guitar. He has been making music since the age of five and is working on many projects which are dedicated to the most diverse musical genres, from Anatolian music to Balkan/ska/reggae to electronic music. He plays in different bands from Turkey, Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic. Mahir has been living in Berlin since 2013. He has made many new contacts in the Berlin music scene and regularly gives concerts all over Europe. He is currently concentrating on his solo project ‚KafaNar‘, in which he creates a hypnotic danceable sound with his various instruments, vocals and loops.


Mikail Yakut was born in Bursa, Turkey in 1987. He played with all kinds of folk music groups (including folk music from Anatolia and the Caucasus) in Istanbul from 2002 to 2012. From 2007 to 2013, he studied sociology at Boğaziçi University Istanbul (2011-12 Erasmus scholarship at the Free University of Berlin). He studied music education, with accordion (classical) as his major subject and piano (jazz) as his minor subject at Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus from 2013 to 2018. Mikail Yakut is a member of „Thrace is the Place“, the „Heval Trio“ and „Blacksea – Balkans Line“. He also participates in various projects in the fields of theatre music, free improvisation and new music.


Arsen Petrosyan is a young duduk master who has been honoured for his talent many times. He lives in Charentsavan, Armenia. As a musical child prodigy, he began his education at the age of six and learned to play the shvi, an Armenian wind instrument, with his mentor Krikor Khachtryan. He graduated from the Armenian State Conservatory of Komitas in Yerevan, where he studied under the famous duduk master Gevorg Dabaghyan. Despite his youth (he was born in 1994) Arsen Petrosyan is an accomplished professional musician who has already completed many tours. He has performed in the U.S.A., Russia, Canada, India, Spain, Germany, Georgia and, of course, in Armenia. At the moment, he is playing as a soloist with the Ynar Armenian Traditional Music Ensemble of Yerevan and performs with his own recently founded ensemble, the „Arsen Petrosyan Trio“. Arsen Petrosyan transcends the boundaries of traditional music. He invites his audience to take a journey that leads beyond Armenia to many countries. The world is at his feet. His diverse collaborations are impressive proof of this.